Our Mission: To fundamentally change the delivery of healthcare in Canada

The current model for accessing and utilizing medical specialist care in Canada is flawed. The most commonly cited complaints include lengthy wait-times to access specialists, unneeded duplication of medical tests, inefficient patient visits, overburdened Emergency Rooms, ineffective follow-up, and an overall lack of the patient voice throughout the process.  

While government funding and an imbalance in the supply & demand for specialist care are often cited as the root cause of these problems, we propose that more often, operational weaknesses and communication barriers underlie them.

We want to change the system so that we can help all parties involved: 


Helping patients

Too often patients are left out of the loop for their own care, or are left waiting for months for a 10-minute specialist consult that was often not even necessary. By empowering patients and enabling more efficient interactions with specialists, New Hippo is part concierge and part patient advocate.

Helping physicians

The New Hippo product has been built in partnership with top specialists in Canada, and is designed to allow physicians to spend a greater portion of their time on high-priority activities.

New Hippo helps specialist clinics to increase yields and to operate more efficiently.

Helping Canada

Canada's healthcare system is on an unsustainable path, with increasing costs and unacceptably long wait times for important appointments and procedures.

New Hippo's triage and analytics technology has been shown to be able to dramatically reduce the need for in-person specialist visits while providing faster diagnoses for patients. This means better care at a lower cost to the system.