Our Platform

Our software modules are built to support the patient journey from the time of a referral through to follow-up. We are dedicated to building fast, integrating with existing systems, and empowering patients to play an active role in their healthcare.



Prepared patients. Better health history. Faster visits.


Get the full story ahead of time

We are streamlining history collection. Our dynamic, online intake questionnaire lets patients fill out and update their health history from anywhere. Help text explains complex questions and patients own a copy of their record.

Easy screening

The automated summary generator gives you the information you need to make a good decision. Fast.


Care Support App

Support for patients. From anywhere.


Complete patient information. The first time.
No more phone calls.

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Platform Benefits

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Our platform promotes increased collaboration between patients and
care teams. 


Encrypted communication and automatic updates through secure channels keep patients, GPs, and care teams informed. 


Clinicians can control content on the platform, enabling customization to service all specialties.