Using technology to help patients connect with specialists

We're currently operating in stealth mode, but this website is intended to give a general idea of what we're up to. Stay tuned for updates in 2018...

We make Healthcare Software for a New Hippocratic Oath, where the patient experience really matters, and patients and caregivers are partners in efficiently delivering excellent care. 


One of the ongoing problems in Canada's healthcare system is long wait times.  We want to improve the system by allowing better connections between patients and physicians.

We’re setting out to solve a number of important problems, including:

  • Long wait times
  • Patients not getting access to the best care
  • Healthcare costs growing at an unsustainable rate
  • Wasted resources in the healthcare system
  • Specialists spending too much time on non-core activities 
  • Patients unable to access their own health information or play an active role in their own health care