Our Mission

New Hippo Health is a software company, currently in stealth mode, on a mission to transform the Canadian healthcare system. We are doing so by helping patients and physicians to reduce the time to get to a diagnosis and to save physicians time by helping them to spend their time on what matters.

Our Founders

The three co-founders of New Hippo have founded and led successful companies in the Business Intelligence space (Crystal Decisions), the medical space (Eupraxia Pharmaceuticals) and the energy & utility space (Pulse Energy).

We were drawn to create New Hippo by the desperate need for better ways of delivering healthcare in Canada, and a once-in-a-generation opportunity to develop new software technology to drastically improve the health of Canadians while reversing the trend of unsustainable growth of health care expenses.

The Team

Our team includes people with a wide range of backgrounds and experience levels. From co-op students to former clinicians to former executives at world-leading software companies, our diversity of experience helps us to make better products and work more effectively.