The Patient Journey with New Hippo Health

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We are improving the specialist care experience for patients & clinicians from the time of a referral through to follow up. Our software modules focus on solving some of Canada's most pressing issues in healthcare delivery.

We are currently operating in stealth mode and will be publicly launching our full product platform in the months ahead. 



Streamlining referrals

Problem: Most referral forms don't ask the right questions, resulting in a lack of key information. Large lists of referrals waiting to be triaged make for long wait times and no efficient way to prioritize cases.

Solution: New Hippo enables efficient, focused communication between Family Physicians, specialists, and patients. This means getting the right information to the right people at the right time.


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Optimizing the surgical journey

Problem: Current pre-surgical screening doesn't always identify the most vulnerable patients in time to optimize them for surgery. Unnecessarily long post-surgical stays are expensive to the system and unpleasant for patients. 


Solution: The New Hippo platform enables patients, surgeons, and anesthesiologists to collaborate to ensure that each patient has their best possible surgical journey.


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Enhanced recovery after surgery

Problem: Patients are not provided with the tools and support required to properly recover from surgery.

Solution: New Hippo supports enhanced recovery after surgery by providing tools for patients and clinicians to communicate and collaborate securely.

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